Fire Alarm Plan Review: Over the past several years fire alarm systems have become more complicated and confusing for the average code official.  With the inclusion of low frequency notification and emergency voice evacuation systems, NFPA 72 is becoming more challenging to understand, let alone enforce.  FLSC provides fire alarm related education on IBC/IFC and NFPA requirements.  We also provide fire alarm consulting, plan review and inspection services to assist code officials interpret and enforce building and fire code fire alarm requirements. If you're looking for fire alarm consulting services (one-time or ongoing), look no further than FLSC to provide exceptional customer service where you will have the peace of mind knowing the fire alarm system installation complies with the codes and national standards. 

Seminars & Trainings: FLSC has provided code training and seminars to building code officials, fire code officials, engineers and contractors throughout the United States.  John Swanson is a contract instructor for the International Code Council (ICC), Automatic Fire Alarm Association, and the National Fire Academy (Emmitsburg, MD).  We are also an ICC Preferred Provider so any code official certified through ICC will receive preferred provider credit for attending our trainings. If you're looking for a training on the newest edition of NFPA 72, the International Fire Code or would simply like an update on the edition currently adopted in your state, FLSC can provide excellent training at a minimal cost.  Read our testimonials on the front page of the web site from code officials who have been through our trainings. 

Fire Inspection Services:

Need a fire inspection? FLSC recommends you contact your local fire department first.  If your fire department is unable or unwilling to do a fire inspection, please contact FLSC and we would be happy to work with you.

Autism Planning & Safety: According to Autism Speaks, autism spectrum disorder (ASD) now affects 1 out of every 68 children.  Those diagnosed continue to increase.  Have you been impacted by a child or adult on the spectrum who becomes violent when the fire alarm activates?  As a Fire Marshal I have received phone calls from frustrated principals and superintendents after a staff person has needed medical attention or gone to the hospital after an ASD individual turned violent because the fire alarm activated.  There are other options to the loud horns and bright strobes that are commonly associated with fire alarm systems.  FLSC can work with your school district, business, or non-profit to ensure all applicable fire and life safety requirements are met; while also providing a more calming and sensory friendly environment.



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Fire Inspector I Certification Exam Practice Test:
MN Fire Service: FLSC is pleased to offer a practice exam for the Minnesota Fire Service Certification Board’s Fire Inspector I exam.  Please click on the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page to learn more details.